About our Rating System

Unlike some rating systems, one or two stars doesn’t mean its a bad rating! On the contrary, if we gave it any stars at all we liked it. If we feel a place isn’t up to our (very subjective) standards, we will not give it any stars at all. Our ratings are also divided into 3 categories: Restaurant, diner, and bakery/coffeeshop. Keep in mind that each category is separate and a 3 star rating of a diner is not the same quality of a 5 or even 3 star restaurant. Comparing different categories is like comparing apples to oranges. Heres some examples of what our stars might mean.

Restaurant: 5 star system

no stars- a place we would likely not return to

1 star- Passable, a decent place we enjoyed

2 star- Good. if its on your way, its not a bad idea

3 star- Very good. If you are in the area don’t miss it

4 star- Excellent, go out of your way to eat here

5 star- Very rare rating. This place is worth making a trip just to go here.

Diners: 3 star system

no stars- Not good. A place we will not likely return to and not likely to recommend

1 star – Good. Many things could be improved but its still a solid choice.

2 star- Great.  Not perfect, but always a good time

3 star- Excellent. Everything you want a diner to be.

Bakery/Coffee Shop: 3 star system

no stars- not good. We would not likely recommend.

1 star- Good.

2 star- Great.

3 star- Excellent. From products to atmosphere to service, all is as it should be.


If you are an owner of an establishment:

Feel free to contact us with “owner” in the subject line if:

  1. Your establishment has not been reviewed yet and you would like it to be
  2. Your review was not satisfactory and you would like a second chance
  3. Your review is outdated and you think you have improved
  4. You would like your establishment to be advertised on our blog (only available to restaurants we have reviewed that have a minimum 1 star rating)


If you are a customer:

Feel free to contact us with “suggestion” in the subject line if:

  1. You have an idea for an establishment that should be reviewed
  2. You have a question about the specifics of a place we reviewed
  3. Vastly disagree with our star rating, or absence of star rating

Please elaborate on these subjects and provide details on why we should take your suggestion to heart. Thank you in advance for your suggestions, we appreciate your input.